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  • Amazing Kolalampur Tour

    Kuala Lumpur (or KL as everyone here calls it) is an increasingly popular stop-over destination between Europe and Australia now that Singapore has become so expensive. Its a small city with big ideas. I have lived here for almost 20 years now and the pace of change is just amazing. Hope you enjoy your time in KL.

    Taxi-drivers are improving, but avoid touts and drivers who are parked outside shopping malls who refuse to use the meter. Hailing a taxi is a much better option. Blue SUV cabs are more expensive than the red/white or yellow saloons but still very cheap and usually cleaner and more service-oriented. As in any big city there is street crime. Its rare in KL but take care to avoid walking with purses and bags close to the roadside as motorcycle snatch-thefts are a particular problem here. Malaysia is a multi-ethnic multi-religious society where different races with different customs try their best to get along together in a harmonious way, usually with great success. English is widely spoken, sometimes better than by a native English speaker (!) and quiet courtesy and patience will overcome most misunderstandings. Malaysians love eating out and the proliferation of eating places, from humble roadside stalls selling noodles to fine dining restaurants as good as anywhere in the West is mind-blowing. Shopping is the primary focus here although there are a few must-see sights in the City Centre such as the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL Telecom Tower and the old Chinatown area with the Merdeka (Freedom) Square and old Courthouse nearby.

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